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      The steel reinforced aluminum die casting aluminum radiator choose high quality steel

      Time:2017-03-10 12:00:00

      The steel reinforced aluminum die casting aluminum radiator USES the high quality steel products wei inner pipe materials, high quality steel is the first choice of acid and alkali containers and pipe material, its own has the high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance make it without anticorrosive coating, radically eliminate the anticorrosive coating off cause leakage.

      China. The inscription holding group belongs to zhejiang ocean inscription industry &trade co., LTD., is located in China's zhejiang WuYiTong harp industrial zone, is a professional production of European overall high pressure die casting aluminum radiator of large enterprise. Radiator industry independent brand - "foreign nameplate", formerly known as wang li radiator, now renamed the inscription radiator, "Yang brand, casting quality", the nameplate radiator products have won 16 appearance patent certificate, China green, environmental protection, energy saving building materials products

      Radiator industry independent brand - "foreign nameplate",

      YOUMAY radiator, "Yang brand, casting quality"


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